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Dr. Filippo Consonni, MD
5.0 (34 reviews)
Pediatrics, Primary Care
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Years of experience:
Languages spoken:
English, French, Italian
Florence (Italy)
Verified reviews
Great experience. Our doctor was very helpful and the video call was efficient. My prescription was emailed straight away.
About Dr. Filippo Consonni, MD
Dr. Consonni : Highly qualified English-speaking Pediatrician/Primary care doctor in Florence.

He completed his Medicine and Surgery degree with honors in 2017 and his Pediatrics residency with honors at Meyer Children’s, ranked as one of the World’s Best Specialized Hospitals for Pediatrics according to Newsweek.

With enriching educational experiences in the US, UK, Chile, and Uganda, Dr. Consonni provides adaptable and comprehensive care. His expertise includes general medicine, pediatrics, immunology, hematology, and infectious diseases. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, he offers exceptional medical services to diverse patients, making him an excellent choice for families seeking care in Italy.

Dr. Consonni’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his authorship of over ten publications in international medical journals, ensuring the best and most up-to-date treatments for his patients. If you seek a skilled doctor in Florence for young adults and children, Dr. Consonni is here to provide expert care and personalized attention.
Patient reviews
Great experience. Our doctor was very helpful and the video call was efficient. My prescription was emailed straight away.
February, 2024 - C. B. - Verified patient
Great caring physician
February, 2024 - E. B. - Verified patient
The experience with this doctor was very great. He is kind, ask questions. We took us on time and sent us all the documents immediately. I was super happy to find him for my daughter
February, 2024 - L. F. - Verified patient
Dr. Consonni was kind, caring and efficient. He patiently asked questions and put our son at ease, while getting to the diagnosis efficiently. He followed up rapidly and left a very positive impression.
January, 2024 - S. C. - Verified patient
Dr. Filippo Consonni was absolutely amazing. He asked many questions about my son and listened to every word I said, he was sure to get all of my son’s information and symptoms before diagnosing him. His information was so helpful and honest. I am very confident in Dr. Consonni and highly recommend him.
January, 2024 - H. F. - Verified patient
We had a very good experience with Dr Consonni, he was knowledgeable and patient and made sure to answer all our questions. My son has started to improve after his suggested treatment, and we are grateful.
January, 2024 - L. S. - Verified patient
Dr was very patient with all the questions, very helpful and excellent service.
December, 2023 - B. A. - Verified patient
Very helpful and friendly
December, 2023 - I. S. - Verified patient
Excellent and great English. It's stressful getting ill so far from home, was reassuring to have good medical advice.
December, 2023 - L. H. - Verified patient
Dr Fillipo Consonni was very kind and thorough! We felt that his approach was very professional and he listened to my concerns. After one does of the prescribed medicine, my son was already feeling much better. Thank you!
December, 2023 - H. B. - Verified patient
Dr. Consonni saw me as soon as I needed it, speaks really good English and answered my doubts.
December, 2023 - H. H. - Verified patient
Doctor was very knowledgeable and communicated everything very clearly. Spoke fluent English and made the situation and medication needed very easy to understand.
November, 2023 - C. O. - Verified patient
Filippo was so kind and listened to my husbands symptoms. He was able to prescribe medicine and hopefully he gets better soon since we are on our honeymoon.
November, 2023 - J. T. - Verified patient
Dr Consonni was patient and his recommended meds worked well. Thank you!
November, 2023 - Q. L. - Verified patient
Dr Consonni is friendly and detailed! Amazing doctor :)
November, 2023 - A. L. - Verified patient
Very kind and thoughtful- thank you!
November, 2023 - E. H. - Verified patient
I was able to see Dr Consonni within 15min of submitting a request. He was very helpful and prescribed me some antibiotics for my flu. Highly recommend this service!
October, 2023 - K. S. - Verified patient
Very kind and helpful as also able to listen to our issues and provide as much information as possible. Would definitely recommend. Thank you
October, 2023 - K. T. - Verified patient
Very professional and was great help
October, 2023 - A. S. - Verified patient
Absolutely wonderful service. Doctor Consonni was on time and so nice! Thank you for helping me while I visit your beautiful country! -Alexzandra
October, 2023 - A. O. - Verified patient
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